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Quarantine Meals & Quarantine in Place Information

Students in Quarantine/Isolation Residence Halls: 

Tiger Dining’s Quarantine menu was developed as a coordinated effort between our Campus Executive Chef (Andrew Cook) and our Registered Dietician (Kaiten Zajac).  Our Catering Director (Rachel Gafney) has been overseeing order intake and delivery.

When a student has been identified as needing to Quarantine we receive a notification from the university.  This will trigger us to provide an intake meal at the next delivery.  This intake meal is made up of more stable items as we do not know when the exact intake time will occur or when the students last meal was.  This meal is meant to ensure the student is fed until they complete the DINING SURVEY that will allow them to select their meals.  There is a note with the intake meal that clearly states that this meal is not an example of a regular meal and is only to cover check in.    There is a large poster in every quarantine dorm room that explains the food order process.  It is the only thing on the wall in the room.  We deliver to the quarantine meals 2 times per day.  We have both a “Sick” and “Well” menu to ensure that there are options available to meet specific needs.  Additionally, if a student notes a food allergy or other dietary restriction,  Kaiten offers appropriate menu adjustments to meet their needs.  Below is a 2 day menu sample from the “well” menu.  In addition to the beverages listed below, they receive a bottle of water with every meal.


There’s also a Quarantine store set up in Grubhub where students can place orders for supplemental snack and meal items to have in addition to their regular meals. See Quarantine War Eagle Supply under the “delivery” tab.  Any items ordered are delivered once per day with your dinner.

Meals are labeled for individual students and delivered to a central location in each residence hall to ensure the safety of both our students and our delivery personnel.

Last modified: September 2, 2020