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Tiger Dining supports student success by providing a variety of nutritious dining options in convenient locations throughout campus; however, we offer meal plan accommodations for students who may not eat on campus due to extreme medical conditions, religious dietary restrictions, or when they’re enrolled in classes, but away from campus for the semester.

Our full-time dietitian is available to help you find appropriate food options on campus as well as to provide one-on-one support if you have special dietary needs. She may be reached at:  334-332-7778  or at Kaiten played a key role in creating the Allergen Solutions Stations in our dining halls which serve a menu free from seven of the top eight food allergens.

We offer two types of accommodations: Reductions and Exemptions:

A Reduction is available to qualifying students who live on campus.  These students are charged the $1100 on-campus meal plan but are only required to use $350 each semester.  At the end of the semester, any unused dining balance, up to $750, is refunded to Student Financial Services (eBill) accounts.  Students must stay in the $1100 meal plan to be eligible for a dining plan accommodation. Dining Plan Reduction Details

An Exemption completely removes the dining plan from a student’s account.

A student may qualify for an exemption due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Medical:  Student has a medical condition with severe dietary restrictions which prohibits the student from eating foods served on campus.  Students applying for this exemption must meet with the Tiger Dining dietitian and be registered with Accessibility.  A student who lives on campus with a medical condition that severely restricts his/her diet may request a medical dining plan reduction, instead (see dining plan reduction info above).
  2. Away From Campus:  Students are automatically assigned a meal plan when they enroll in a class that provides course credit. Students participating in the following programs may find a dining plan charge on their eBill even though their course does not meet on Auburn’s main campus:  internships,  full-semester study abroad, distance learning (online classes), or co-op work rotations.
  3. Religious: In accordance with their religious practice, some students adhere to a strict diet which inhibits their ability to eat foods served on campus. Religious Accommodation Request Form

To apply for an accommodation, please see the above links which provide detailed instructions.  Documentation is required for each type of accommodation.  The type of documentation needed is listed in the instructions.  An Accommodation cannot be processed without the required documentation.

Accommodation requests, including required documentation,  must be submitted by the 10th class day of each semester.

Accommodations must be requested every semester. 

Last modified: February 8, 2021