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Concierge Gardening

Concierge Gardening is a relationship between our community garden and local restaurants and businesses. Rather than simply purchasing food, our customers become “members” of the garden who receive a portion of the harvest, and, like a CSA (or Community Supported Agriculture program), share in the risk and reward of gardening. Our restaurant partners are innovative businesses who recognize the importance of locally grown, fresh produce, for the environment, the community, and to provide the best possible products for their customers.

Our current Concierge Gardening partners:


University Partnerships

Our diverse partners at Auburn University range from dining halls to student organizations to academic programs, but they all revolve around our commitment to being an integral part of the AU experience. We welcome classes, student groups, and individuals to collaborate with us to create unique and holistic experiences for students and faculty alike. Whether you’re interested in health & wellness at the garden or in the opportunities for academic success, we welcome you to our little corner of campus! 

Our current AU partners:

Two Tiger Dining chefs smiling and holding a crate of green bell peppers in Wellness Kitchen..

Service & Community

The CGAU has a proud history of service and community outreach. We work in cooperation with Auburn University’s Hunger Solutions Institute and our community sponsors to alleviate food insecurity and provide access to fresh, healthy produce to all people on campus and in Auburn/Opelika. As a garden, our role is to grow and donate produce that is prepared and/or distributed by our partner organizations.

In 2019, we donated over 1,300 pounds of produce to our community and university partners! Thank you to all our current sponsors and community partners for making this possible. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of the CGAU, please contact us or click the link below to donate. 

Our current community partners:

a woman kneeling and holding a trowel in a patch of daffodils

Last modified: August 24, 2020