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Dining Halls WILL be open during the Fall 2020 term with enhanced safety measures in place.  To ensure student safety, self-serve stations will be shut down or moved.  For instance, students will be able to get a salad at the dining hall; however, a server will prepare the salad to their specifications.  This will eliminate multiple persons touching surfaces and utensils and help ensure student safety.

Tiger Dining will continue to offer a variety of meal plans with high flexibility for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will still have an option to select a Dining Dollar, Block Meal or combination plan to help cover their dining needs during the semester.

Dining Dollars will continue to be redeemable at all on campus locations including Athletic Concessions and local food trucks, while they are on campus.  A student will be able to redeem a Block meal in three locations on campus: including the Village Tiger Zone, an All You Care to Eat facility, where dining staff will serve guests to minimize contact, and additional lines will be dedicated to grab-n-go for added convenience.  Block meals may also be used at Foy Commons Dining Hall and to purchase a whole pizza at Village Pizza on the Hill at Terrell Hall. All Block meal options will continue to include locally sourced ingredients, made in house and to order; as well as fresh, customizable, and allergy friendly options.

We are enhancing technology to provide for digital ordering in all locations, implementing contactless ordering, payment and pickup; and accommodating safety concerns for students.  Tiger Dining will prepare and continue to follow all local, state and national guidelines in terms of social-distancing and safety when we reopen in August 2020. We will continue to update our practices as new guidelines are established throughout the semester. Plans may change given the circumstances, but our goal is to ensure a safe environment, where students get full value for all meal plans. meal pla

All undergraduate students enrolled in at least one class on Auburn University’s campus are required to purchase a meal plan. Students who live on campus are enrolled in the $1,100 Dining Dollars plan every semester. This plan covers about half the average student’s semester dining budget. Students who reside off campus receive the $350 Dining Dollars plan each semester.  This plan provides funds for lunches, beverages, and snacks. Dining Dollars may be used at any on-campus dining location to include food trucks and athletics concessions.

Dining Dollars are funds loaded to a student’s Tiger Card ID that may be used to purchase food at any dining location on campus including food trucks and athletics concessions.  Students may also use Dining Dollars to enter dining halls at retail rates.

Block meals are discounted entries into our two buffet-style dining halls:  Foy Commons and Village Tiger Zone.  Block meals may be purchased as part of a hybrid meal plan or as an add-on in increments of 25. Block meals may not be used at other dining locations.  Add-on block meals may not be purchased as a stand-alone meal plan.

Block Meals offer a reduced entry price into the Village Tiger Zone and Foy Commons dining halls. Village Tiger Zone offers an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience, and Foy Commons is an order-ahead buffet where meals are made to order.  A block meal may also be used to purchase a whole pizza at Village Pizza on the Hill at Terrell Hall.  Hours of operation and menus may be found online: Foy Commons    Village Tiger Zone

Breakfast: $9.99, Lunch: $9.99  and Dinner: $11.99, plus tax.

ALL students may select to purchase one of the following plans:

$1,600 Dining Dollars Plan

Block 155 + $700 Dining Dollars

Block 115 + $500 Dining Dollars

In addition, students who reside off campus may upgrade to a

Block 50 + $360 Dining Dollars meal plan

The above plans replace the $1,100 Dining Dollars or $350 Dining Dollars plan.

All students may add 25 Block Meals via the GET mobile app – simply let the Dining office know that you’d like to purchase the Block 25 meal plan and they’ll place that option on your Tiger Card.  Simply call 334-844-8504 or send an email to to get this process started.

**IMPORTANT NOTE:  Ensure your Block 25 meals balance is ZERO before adding more.  The program will not allow you to add more block meals until all your add-on block meals have been used.

Students may request a dining plan change during the first 10 class days of each semester. To do this, simply log into your AU Access “My Campus” tab, click “select your meal plan”, click the green ribbon that indicates you want to make a change, select the new meal plan, and then confirm your selection.  After the 10th class day, no changes may be made.  

AU Access link

Unused Dining Dollars roll from the fall to spring semester and expire* at the end of the summer.

Your fall meal plan will renew at the same level when you enroll in classes for the following spring term, unless you choose to make a change.

Unused Block Meals expire at the end of each semester.

*Dining Dollars expiration only applies to the funds automatically loaded into student accounts each semester.

Dining Dollars in additional accounts (Optional Dining Reservations or Tiger Club) never expire.

Funds may easily be added to a dining account at any time.  Info about Adding Dining Funds

Any money added is placed into an Optional Dining Reservations account or a Tiger Club account.

The Optional Dining is exactly like the regular Dining Dollars – these funds may be used at any campus food location, including food trucks and athletics concessions.

A Tiger Club account may be used for food anywhere on campus, but may also be used to purchase other things (anything from the bookstore as well as select off-campus retail locations.)  List of participating retailers

The minimum deposit to these accounts is $25; you may add funds online: Add Funds link

Please note that these funds never expire and may be refunded upon request.

Meal plans are intended for use by the meal plan purchaser.

Yes. However, you may not eat in the dining hall if you choose a meal to-go. You may purchase* a reusable to-go container which may be filled with your choice of foods from the buffet line and must be fully closed when you leave.

*Students who purchase a Block Meal plan will receive their first reusable to-go container at no charge.

A Block Meal Plan is a convenient and economical way to eat on campus. The Village Tiger Zone is located near The Village, a community which is home to over 1,500 undergraduates. Foy Commons is located in the heart of campus near many classrooms and the Quad residence halls.

These dining halls provide not only great places to eat a variety of foods, but are also popular destinations for socializing and studying. We offer a number of different Block Meal options to allow you to customize your meal plan.  Simply choose the block meal plan that best suits your needs.

This year, you have the option to purchase Block Meals in increments of twenty-five. Purchasing 25 Block Meals may be a good idea if you don’t want to commit to a large number of Block Meals without having the opportunity try out the dining halls first.

If you live on campus and are considering joining a fraternity, we encourage you not to change your meal plan.

Tiger Dining offers a dining plan reduction for fraternity members who live on campus and participate in a qualifying fraternity meal plan (10 or more meals per week at the fraternity house); however, this reduction is only available to fraternity members who remain in the $1100 dining dollars plan.  Block meal plans do not qualify for the fraternity reduction program.

For those members of a fraternity with a qualifying meal plan (10 or more meals/week at the fraternity house) the fraternity dining reduction operates like this:

You will be charged the $1,100 on-campus meal plan and have access to those funds throughout the semester.

You are only required to use $350 of the $1100 if your fraternity requires you to eat 10 or more meals per week at the fraternity house. If you remain a member in good standing of your fraternity, a refund of unused funds, up to $750, will be deposited to your Student Financial Services account after final exams are complete.

Tiger Dining’s Registered Dietitian, Kaiten Zajac, is a primary resource for students who have food allergies or special dietary needs She may be reached at  Kaiten often meets students and is willing to walk them through their dining options when they arrive on campus.  This may include meeting chefs and dining area managers as well as sharing resources where recipe ingredients may be found:  In addition, both of our dining halls feature Allergen Solutions Stations which serve a menu free of seven of the top eight allergens.  Fin fish are available as an additional protein source to add more variety to the menu.

Occasionally,  we’ll encounter a medical or religious dining situation that needs very special consideration.  We offer dining plan accommodations for students  who cannot dine on campus due to severe medical conditions, religious dietary restrictions and those who are enrolled at Auburn, but are away from campus for the semester.  The process to secure a dining accommodation is mainly done online. You may find more details here: Dining Plan Accommodations

Dining Dollars account balances are visible on the register display each time your Tiger Card is used.  For your convenience, students may also view their account balances via the GET mobile app (free for iOS and android phones).

Hours of operation in our dining facilities vary. Visit Hours and Menus for the most current hours of operations.

Meal plans are active by the first class day of each semester and remain available until the final class day of the concurrent summer term.

Last modified: August 14, 2020