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In response to the governor’s Stay-at-Home order, all garden activities will need to be scheduled in order to comply with the social distancing guidelines.  After some thoughtful discussion with Campus Safety, we will be implementing the following rules to allow gardeners to maintain their garden plot while practicing appropriate social distancing.

  • Gardening hours will be limited to 6:00 am – 7:00 pm, 7 days a week.
  • All gardeners will be expected to sign up for a time slot to limit the number of people at the garden at the same time.
    • Please only bring a maximum of 2 people to the garden at a time (This means you can bring yourself and one other person MAXIMUM). This allows us to make sure there are never more than 10 people at the garden at once.
    • You don’t have to come for the full hour that you’ve signed up for, but please limit your garden activities to within the hour period.
    • You may sign up for a MAXIMUM of 6 slots per week.
    • Starting at 7 pm or later the night before, if there are still open time slots for the next day, you may sign-up for an empty slot, even if you have already reached your 6 sign-up limit that week. This also applies to same day sign-ups.
    • If you decide not to come on a day you’ve signed up for, please remove your name from the spreadsheet so someone else can potentially sign-up for that slot last minute.
    • Click HERE to access the sign-up sheet.
  • When you come to the garden during your designated time, you will need to bring a copy of the daily schedule and the permission letter (emailed to you) showing that you have permission to be on university green space. If the police or Campus Safety come to the garden, please show them this letter and let them know you’re allowed to be there per university and state guidelines!
  • All shared tools will be locked up and not available for public use.
  • Please remember to clean and sanitize any common area that may be used (water spigots, hoses, dumpster handle, etc.)

Below is a link to the governor’s statewide social distancing order.

We realize that this is somewhat of an inconvenience but it was necessary to obtain permission for us to continue gardening.  Our hope is that these precautions can be relaxed as the threat of COVID-19 infection recedes.

Last modified: April 20, 2020