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Campus Dining includes so much more than just good food.

We strive to meet students’ needs by providing healthy foods, conveniently located throughout campus. A variety of fresh, healthy foods are located near classes and served expeditiously.  Mobile ordering allows students to order ahead and pick up their food between classes.  Food trucks enhance the variety of foods available on campus and ensure students have access to the widest variety of foods possible.

Today’s students really want to “connect” with their food, so we source as much food as possible through local growers, and ensure sustainable methods are used.  The Food U brand highlights many of these locally-sourced, sustainably raised products that are served in our dining venues.  When you see the Food U logo, you know you’re not only getting the freshest possible food, you’re also supporting fellow students and local businesses.  Annual events provide an opportunity for students to meet Food U growers.

Community is often built by sharing meals, and we encourage this by providing community seating in our dining halls.

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Last modified: March 7, 2024