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DNA – Dining Nutrition Ambassadors

When feeding a lot of people within a short amount of time, food has to be prepared quickly; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it must be “fast food”.

Auburn students, faculty and staff often have hectic schedules. We accommodate their dining needs by offering a robust variety of foods throughout campus.   Some of our restaurants include  Chick-fil-A, where a sandwich and fries is the most popular menu item, or Panda Express which serves quick Asian cuisine.  Others, such as Salad Works, Au Bon Pain and Panera offer a of variety of customizable sandwiches, bowls, salads and wraps.

With a wealth of diverse dining options, our students, faculty and staff can eat a varied diet without leaving campus.  However, we can all use help creating a balanced plate now and then.  That’s where the Dining Nutrition Ambassadors (DNAs) come in.  Dining Nutrition Ambassadors are students who are interested in nutrition and balanced eating, and are passionate about helping the Auburn Family eat healthfully.

Our DNA team interacts with students throughout campus: sharing nutrition tips and facts and helping students create flavorful, balanced plates.

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Last modified: May 31, 2022