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Fraternity Meal Plan Reduction


Fraternity Meal Plan Reduction Information

Tiger Dining provides a reduced meal plan for students who live in on-campus residence halls and are members of a fraternity with a required meal plan.  There is no application required for this program. Greek Life provides a list of qualifying members to the Campus Dining office at the conclusion of each semester. Any credit will be automatically deposited to the student’s Student Financial Services account after final exams are complete.

To be eligible, students must meet both qualifications:

  • They must live in on-campus residence halls, owned and operated by University Housing.
  • They must be a member of a fraternity that has a required meal plan providing at least 10 meals per week.

Note: Students who purchased an “All Access” unlimited plan are not eligible for the reduction.

How it works:

Only the dining dollars portion of the meal plan is eligible for a refund. If there are no dining dollars left, then there will be nothing to refund. However, if you are eligible for a refund, they will be made to your eBill accounts by the end of December (Fall) and the end of May (Spring).


A student is registered for the on-campus default 5 + $450 meal plan which provides 5 meal swipes weekly at Tiger Zone in the Village or The Edge at Central Dining plus $450 dining dollars.  The student also has a required fraternity meal plan for 10 meals weeks at the fraternity house.  At the end of the semester, the student only used $275 of their $450 dining dollars, so they receive a credit of $175.