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Safe Dining on Campus this Fall

Changes to Campus Dining for Fall

We’ve made numerous changes to ensure that our dining venues are spaces where students can safely socialize and enjoy a healthy meal.   


New Protocols to Keep You Healthy

  • Employee health will be screened daily.
  • CDC and state guidelines, as well as additional university and vendor guidelines, are in place.
  • All operations will be closely monitored to ensure students are as safe as possible.

Ensuring Dining Areas are Safe and Convenient

  • Many dining venues — including food trucks — will be order-ahead and pickup only.
  • Venues will have limited seating, plexiglass dividers on tables, posted directional signage and physical distancing decals placed on floors.
  • Terrell Hall will offer curbside pickup.
  • Foy Commons will be an order-ahead venue. Pick up meals from warming boxes that will keep food at a safe temperature until you arrive.

Use Dining Funds for Home Chef Meal Kits

  • Choose from a variety of Home Chef meals and have them delivered straight to your door.
  • Purchase a $120 Home Chef voucher through GrubHub and receive a code via email to use on the Home Chef website at checkout. Vouchers do not expire.


For on-campus residents 

On-campus students are still required to have the $1100 meal plan even if all their classes are online. As listed above, there are multiple options for students to access food conveniently wherever they live on campus.


For off-campus residents 

Off-campus residents will automatically be enrolled in the $350 dining plan. Those students who have schedules with all online-only classes may apply for a dining plan exemption. Students who have at least one class that meets on-campus are not be eligible for the exemption. This includes all class modalities that are not coded online only. Refunds will be processed after the 15th class day, after drop and add is finished.

Campus Dining

Campus Dining includes so much more than just good food.

We strive to meet your needs by providing healthy foods in convenient locations. A variety of fresh, healthy foods are located near classes and served expeditiously.  Mobile ordering allows you to order ahead and pick up your order on the go.

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It's More Than Just Food

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Meet the Team

Welcome to Auburn.  As part of the Auburn family, we’re working hard to ensure there’s room for everyone at the table.  Meet our staff here.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Auburn Foods products are locally grown and sustainably produced – many of these items are grown right on our campus. So not only are you eating the freshest, most flavorful food possible, you’re also providing research and learning opportunities for your fellow Auburn students.

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What’s on Your Plate?

Auburn has a wide variety of food choices to suit even the most discriminating tastes. Whether you’re craving pasta, salad, burgers or a salad made with grilled salmon, you’ll find it made to order in one of our dining locations.  Check back frequently to see what we’re eating!


Read personalized stories and articles related to Campus Dining. You can learn about the people and events that have made an impact on our campus.

Away from Campus Dining Accommodation

Will you be working an internship away from campus next semester?  Here’s how to request a dining plan accommodation:  

Fraternity Meal Plan Reduction

Tiger Dining offers a dining plan reduction for fraternity members who live on campus and participate in a qualifying fraternity meal plan (10 or more meals per week at the fraternity house); however, this reduction is only available to fraternity members who remain in the $1100 dining dollars plan.  Block meal plans do not qualify … Continue reading Fraternity Meal Plan Reduction

Photos & Videos

COMING SOON:  View our gallery of photos and videos and get a feel of what Campus Dining has to offer to our students, faculty and guests visiting our great university.

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